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Time really flyes. It’s been too looooong since I did any writing in this blog. So time to get back to it, and to get some motivation - well I did migrate the blog to Azure Static Web App. When I started the blog I did install the Wordpress inside of Azure, but man, it was too expensive to have a personal blog there. So after some time I migrated to a Wordpress hosting partner. But the sweet deal was just for a year, and during these years I haven’t posted anything so that would be even more expensive!

So I decided to migrate into Azure one more time, and this time utilize the free tier of Azure Static Web App, writing in Markdown, and all the code is in my personal GitHub repo - Practice what you preach.

It’s been crazy amount of work and it haven’t really stopped. The pace are pushing to new levels each week! But I really love my new challenges as a Product Manager for a big telco in Sweden. And the interest in public cloud services, well it’s not slowing down.

Since the last post in 2019 (feels like yesterday) I’ve started not one but two podcasts in swedish, but also them are under some sort of pause for now. But feel free to look them up and subscribe because there will be new episodes out in near future. Now on Monday the 1st of November I will join another podcast as a guest - really exsiting! More on that later…

Thanks for coming back, and I see you at the next post!