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Auto-Configure OneDrive Client with Intune

Time to change focus to the Cloud! We want to make it simple for our users to get a new Windows computer and streamline the installation and configuration time.

In the last post I wrote about how to configure OneDrive with Group Policy. Now we change focus to Intune and showing you how to configure OneDrive there.

First, create two PowerShell scripts with the following:

Second script:

Now, upload them to Intune under Device Configuration.

Note that Config-OneDriveClient_HKCU needs to run the PowerShell script as logged on credentials.

In my test environment I assigned both of the scripts to my “All Users” dynamic group that I created in Azure Active Directory.

When the user signs in to Windows they will receive the scripts and then the user starts OneDrive it will auto-configure itself with the registry keys we added.

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