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Auto-accept Office 365 ProPlus license with Intune

Users don’t want to sign in too often, so I was wondering about the licensing part of Office 365 ProPlus when the users starts for example Word for the first time.

Said and done, with the PowerShell support in Intune, we can do just about anything!

In my environment I got a Hybrid Active Directory with on-prem and Azure AD, and I have also activate Pass-Through Authentication and the latest Azure AD Connect version. In the PTA I have enabled single sign on.

This example is for just Seamless Single Sign-On with PTA because we are going to add two websites to the Intranet Zone, see more info at: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/connect/active-directory-aadconnect-sso-quick-start

Create a PowerShell script with the following.

This script is the same as the Group Policy setting for adding a website to the Intranet Zone for Internet Explorer.

In Intune you add the PowerShell script and assign it to appropriate group, in my example I was assigning the script to my “All Users” dynamic group.

Change so that the script is running using the logged on credentials.

Then try to start for example Word on a newly deployed Windows 10 and the activation screen is gone 🙂

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